A single source of truth
Hiili is the carbon data platform for carbon measurement across all digital services.
The sum of all information and communications technologies consumes 4% of all energy worldwide, according to the latest estimates.
The internet, including all our digital activities, has now surpassed the aviation industry in terms of carbon emissions.
Quantifying actual emissions
Hiili's industry-leading approach to quantifying emissions from digital activities is the only scientifically validated method.
Unrivaled pixel integrations
Implement our pixel across all your media campaigns, for unrivaled accuracy in carbon measurement.
Every creative impression sends deep and granular data to Hiili’s server, containing vital information about the device, the network, the page and the content itself.
Effortless API connections
Set it up once, and Hiili will securely listen in on device-level data, and estimate energy consumption against the world’s largest machine training set of advertising emissions.
It started in the lab
Hiili is a joint venture between Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and veterans from media and advertising industries. Read the publication that started it all here.
A company six years in the making
Since 2018 Hiili's research has been featured and quoted across countless outlets and newspapers. In 2024 Hiili was officially launched as a spin-off venture, to further develop its first-generation carbon data platform.
A single login
Easily connect your ad server, DSP, and social media accounts to the Hiili platform for a complete overview of your digital carbon emissions, including methods for optimization.
Metrics you can count on
Export or automate CO₂ and efficiency numbers per format, campaign or brand. Every campaign also receives a Hiili grade, measured against industry benchmarks.
Meet the team
Dr. Rubén Cuevas
One of the most renowned researchers in adtech, pioneering sustainability within the area. His research in adtech has been featured in some of the world's biggest outlets, including The Financial Times, BBC, The Guardian, New York Times, etc.
Dr. Ángel Cuevas
Award-winning researcher and co-author of more than 70 papers. He is acknowledged worldwide as one of the leaders within measurement and transparency in advertising. His work has been featured in more than 200 news outlets including Financial Times, Le Figaro, The Sunday Times, New Scientist, El País, etc.
Steffen Svartberg
Co-founder of one the world’s first interactive advertising SaaS platform, Cavai, which was listed as one of the hottest adtech firms by Business Insider in 2022. Nominated for Adtech personality of the Year in 2022. Experience from multiple adtech firms such as Adform, Tapad and Widespace.
Tommy Torjesen
Co-founder of one the world’s first interactive advertising SaaS platform, Cavai, which was listed as one of the hottest adtech firms by Business Insider in 2022. Environmental advocate through Gate to the Arctic, NGO. Previous Head of Partnerships at the Norwegian Advertiser's Association.
Mikko Kotila
Founder of one of the world’s first digital agencies and a renowned innovator and researcher in the online advertising ecosystem. He has authored multiple WFA guidebooks, and co-founded I-COM’s Data Science Board and their Blockchain Committee.
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