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Hiili S.L.
Identification of Processing
Data collection from Hiili's proprietary third-party pixel for estimating CO2 emissions from digital advertising.
Exercise of Rights
You may exercise your rights of access, rectification, erasure, right to restriction of processing, data portability, and to object by contacting us at [email protected].
Hiili is fully compliant with the GDPR and respects the privacy of their employers, customers and providers.
All the personal data collected from them is used for the sole purpose of running the regular operation of the company such as: communication, bills generation, pay slips generation, etc.
Our website
Our website aims to inform potential customers and stakeholders about the services offered by Hiili S.L. as well as illustrate the impact that digital marketing may have on direct and indirect carbon emissions out of its activity.
We use the following cokies on our website for functionality purposes and to analyze our traffic.

Necessary cookies

The following necessary cookies help make a website usable.
The website cannot function properly without these cookies.
cookie duration description type
CookieConsent 1 year Stores the user's cookie consent state for the current domain HTTP

Marketing cookies

The following marketing cookies are used to track visitors across devices and marketing channels.
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GDPR Compliance
Although we neither collect nor process any personal data our website uses Google Analytics for functionality purposes and to analyze our traffic. Following GDPR requirements we offer the user the possibility of configuring their cookies policies by being able to select: necessary, preferences, statistics, and marketing cookies. We implement an opt-in approach, the most privacy-preserving option, and by default, only necessary cookies are selected. This process allows us to collect the informed consent of the user in case they choose to select the use of another type of cookie beyond the necessary ones.
The purpose of this third-party pixel is to collect data from the performance API of JavaScript with the aim of building a model that estimates the amount of CO2 generated in online ads.
Our solution measures the carbon emission and energy consumed by ad impressions.
To this end, we use a script which can be embedded directly inside a regular ad tag.
Upon the rendering process of the ad, the ad from our client calls our domain to download the ad tag using a specific URL where different parameters are included (e.g., campaign id, ad_id, etc).
These parameters are used for reporting purposes.
Our tag collects several attributes from the browser (none of them including personal data) and sends them to our backend server sitting at
Upon receiving these attributes in our backend, our solution uses them to compute the energy consumed by the ad as well as the carbon emissions associated with the ad using our proprietary technology.
Data collection and processing
Our tag collects the following data.
data type purpose
Clicks Estimating the CO2 generated per each click on the ad.
Performance Retrieving duration events, enabling us to compute more accurate CO2 consumption estimations.
performance.getEntries Obtaining a comprehensive dataset that influences CO2 generation estimations.
Navigator Understanding the user's platform helps us report CO2 usage based on the type of device or system being used.
Screen Factoring in the screen size to our estimations.
Size Factoring in the ad format's size contributes to the overall estimation of CO2 emissions.
Parent URL Knowing the webpage where the ad is displayed helps us understand its influence on CO2 generation.
We use the following Domains to ensure Hiili can provide a reliable service to our clients and end-users.
domain name purpose This is the domain from which our script is fetched, whenever an ad containing our Carbontag is loaded. This is the end point where the aforementioned data is sent, to be used to compute energy consumptions and resulting carbon emissions.
Data Access
We access the data by inspecting the HTML DOM of the ad, and analyze the requests and responses the ad performs to load the ad's content and track events with third-parties.
Data Storage
The collected information is stored in a secure backend server located at Amazon Web Servers (AWS).
Access to the server is limited to the team working on this project and is protected by user and password credentials.
We want to make it clear that our solution does not engage in any practices that compromise your data privacy.
Specifically, we do not handle any ad targeting, geo-targeting, or buy/sell any data.
We do not collect or use device IDs, employ any methods to track users, or gather information from users across multiple devices.
We also do not gather any personally identifiable information (PII) or utilize PII for any purpose.
Our commitment to your privacy extends to our advertising practices as well, as we do not conduct direct retargeting or contextual targeting.
Furthermore, we do not capture hyperlocal data upon serving the pixel, maintain user profiles or models, use cookies, or access the local storage of the user.
Your trust is important to us, and we take your privacy seriously.
Our Carbontag pixel does not uses cookies nor the local storage to write or read information.
Therefore, it does not manage any personal information linked to cookies or device storage.
GDPR Compliance
Since we are neither collecting nor processing personal data and we are not using any type of cookie to retrieve data from the user, we confirm that our product is not managing personal data.
Therefore the Carbontag is fully compliant with the GDPR regulation.
We are members of Interesseorganisasjonen for digital markedsføring og kommunikasjon (INMA), the official representative of IAB Europe in Norway.
We have undergone the IAB Europe's Transparency & Consent Framework verification, and we have been validated and assigned the following TCF Vendor ID: 1247